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European-Style Cold-Cuts and Smoked Meats


• Cold-Cuts and Salami from: Wagener’s, Brandt,

   Pillers and Halenda's

• Bacon: available cooked, dry and deep fried

• Sausages: Wieners, Knackers, Weisswurst, Bratwurst,

   Smoked, Krainers and Csabai

• Ham: Black Forest, Westpahalien, Tiroler, Schinkenspeck,

    Lachschinken and Neck (dry for cooking)

• Headcheeses: Homemade-Style, Paprika, Vegetable Ham

   or Vegetable Turkey with Pickles

• Liversausages: Fine, Course, Homestyle, Hungarian, Smoked,

   Blood Sausage Rings, Blood/Tongue Sausage and Thuringer


Imported and Domestic Cheeses


• Germany: Blue, Tilsit, Butter, Esrom, Emmenthal and Edam

• Dutch: Gouda’s (Spiced, Mild, Medium, Old, Extra Old) Edam

• Danish: Esrom, Havarti

• Finish: Lappi

• Austrian: Gruyere (processed)

• Swiss: Emmenthal, Gruyere

• French: Bries

• Canadian: Bries, Havarti and Camembert


Fresh Pastries

Bienenstich, Strudels, Linzer Cakes, Walnut Torte, Biscuit Rolls, Blackforest Cake, Cheese Cakes and so much more.


European Holiday Sweet Treats

Marzipan potatoes, chocolate rings with sprinkles, rum balls,

brandy beans, domino stones, brandy-filled advent calenders

for adults, gingerbread hearts and Marzipan Stollen in rum

and butter-almond flavours.


Imported Dry Goods from Europe

Germany, Hungary, Austria, Holland, Denmark,

Croatia, Switzerland and more.


Ask Us About Our Party Trays!

From fancy finger foods to hearty sport-team fare, we've got

you covered. Choose from Cold-Cut, Cheese or Sandwich Party

Trays. Potato, Coleslaw and Macaroni Salads available

as well as Pastries or Cakes.

European-Style Cold-Cuts, Smoked Meats, Cheeses, Pastry and a Lunch Cafe!

Imported dry goods from Germany, Hungary, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Croatia, Switzerland and more.